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54 Days of Public Space January 17, 2011

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The appropriation of public space with no apparent intent

Duration: 54 days (September 04 – October 27, 2010)

Location: Palackeho square, Prague – the so-called “Czech Hyde Park” – allegedly the most liberal spot in the country, approved by the authorities for holding any unannounced public gatherings.

Have we grown accustomed to having our living space curbed by just anyone? Is public space a mere myth?

In the current society, our living space is defined by legal norms and regulations, the same way as fences demark the choices of our free movement.

Only by attempting to cross those boundaries, we learn how limited the space we live in really is – that we are not as free as it may initially seem. We are getting the sense that the individuality of today is destined to an existence amidst restrictions.



Hold On

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When you’re the last one to leave the party, and you feel a feeling that feels like you’ll never forget, hold on.

When the world turns against you, and it’s nothing but liars and thieves, hold on.

When the sky beats you down and there are no arms to lift you up, hold on.

When the phone doesn’t ring and letters aren’t written, hold on.

When you’re alone in the crowd, hold on.