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Day 16 – 60 Day Challenge December 31, 2010

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A song that makes you cry

Fiona Apple – Love Ridden

Love ridden I’ve looked at you
With the focus I gave to my birthday candles
I’ve wished on the lidded blue flames
Under your brow
And baby I wished for you

Nobody sees when you are lying in your bed
And I wanna crawl in with you
But I cry instead
I want your warm
But it will only make me colder when it’s over
So I can’t tonight, baby

No, not “baby” anymore, if I need you
I’ll just use your simple name
Only kisses on the cheek from now on
And in a little while, we’ll only have to wave
My hand won’t hold you down no more
The path is clear to follow through
I stood too long in the way of the door
And now I’m giving up on you

No, not “baby” anymore, if I need you
I’ll just use your simple name
Only kisses on the cheek from now on
And in a little while, we’ll only have to wave

No, not “baby” anymore, if I need you
I’ll just use your simple name
Only kisses on the cheek from now on
And in a little while, we’ll only have to wave


Day 15 – 60 Day Challenge December 30, 2010

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A song that describes your mood

Cat Power – Hate

anyone can tell you there’s no more road to ride
everyone will tell you there’s no place to hide
there’s no laws or rules to enchain your life
but the ones who didn’t make it,
the ones who couldn’t take it,
so glad they made it out alive
everyone loves the fun
everyone comes by

in the wind I crunch, I want to die

they can give me pills
or let me drink my fill
the heart wants to explode
far away where nobody knows

do you believe she said that?
do you believe she said that?

I said I hate myself and I want to die.

half of it is innocent
the other half is wise
the whole damn thing makes no sense
I wish I could tell you a lie
hey, come here
let me whisper in your ear

I hate myself and I want to die.

do you believe she said that?
can you believe she repeated that?
I said, I hate me myself and I
said I hate myself and I want to die


Day 14 – 60 Day Challenge December 29, 2010

A nonfiction book


As soon as I get time I’m going to dig into:


Ayn Rand’s The Virtue of Selfishness E. H. Gombrich’s Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation.
Ayn Rand here sets forth the moral principles of Objectivism, the philosophy that holds man’s life–the life proper to a rational being–as the standard of moral values and regards altruism as incompatible with man’s nature, with the creative requirements of his survival, and with a free society. A classic in the philosophy of art, it discusses the thinking and psychological process of depiction through paintings.

Day 13 – 60 Day Challence December 28, 2010

A fictional book

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Slow descent into insanity. Too good to write anymore about. A must read!


Day 12 – 60 Day Challence December 27, 2010

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Description of my ideal boyfriend

Ohhh gosh. This one is going to be difficult because I really don’t have a criteria for a boyfriend. I feel like there are a couple things that I do PREFER, however if they cannot be met I can find compromises.

I do like a guy who can protect me and take care of me. I like to feel safe in my relationships. I like guys with a sense of humor (so cliche but so true!), but knows when to control it. I had an ex who would consistently use humor in inappropriate situations (at least what I considered inappropriate). For example, I periodically feel down in the dumps, and he would attempt to rectify it with some kind of joke that completely belittled what I was feeling and plain just insulted it. I feel that some guys just don’t know when to stop.

Moving on, I also prefer a guy who not only has a good sense of humor, but has a good sense of self worth and the worth of others. I don’t want a guy to constantly put himself down just to collect compliments and reassurance from me. This ties into the taking care of me thing. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can I ever believe in you?

Looks can vary. The only thing is: HE HAS TO BE TALLER THAN ME. I just can’t be with someone shorter than me. And because I like to wear heels so often, I’d prefer him to be much taller than me so that when I wear heels he is still taller.

I think that’s about it..

Oh yeah, he has to be older than me. I have a feeling I wouldn’t work well with a guy who was younger than me. This means that I would have to be the more mature person in the relationship. I don’t think that could work out..


Day 11 – 60 Day Challenge December 26, 2010

Your idea of the perfect first date

My idea of the perfect first date entails a very classic, yet unexpected time. I do tend to prefer they guy taking the lead and planning it out, however I would like him to show some spontaneity and break away from the typical date routine of dinner and a movie. In fact, I never consider a movie even grounds for a date label. If you take me to the movies, we are not dating. We are friends. Sorry buddy. Unless we are already a couple.. then it is merely us spending time together.

Either way, who even goes to the movies anymore? But I digress… On my first date I would like flowers. My favorite are peonies, just because of their bright colors and ability to instantly cheer me up.

Then we could go to a dinner at a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant somewhere in the city. A place with a quaint atmosphere lit only by candlelight…maybe Louis Armstrong playing in the background. I remember once I went for a dinner with my ex at a place named Thai Boyd in the Village. Definitely go there if you are trying to woo someone. By the end of dinner I was mush.

After we could go somewhere exciting, like an NYC dive bar (where the dive bars are really just trendy dark places, however the atmosphere is infecting).

But this is just what I would do for a perfect date. I think that imagination and creativity are very important. I like casual atmospheres.. not casual as in McDonalds, but casual with a bit of class. I love NYC, perhaps because I have lived 20 minutes away from it my entire life. I love the hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere. I don’t know. I guess in the end really all that matters is some kind of effort being put in besides making a reservation.


Day 10 – 60 Day Challence December 25, 2010

A photo of something I ate today

Today I ate:

Starbucks Iced Vanilla Chai

Homemade chocolate chip brownies



Day 09 – 60 Day Challenge December 24, 2010

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A picture you took yourself

Took this photo over the summer when I still had my iphone. After I lost it, I lost a bunch of other pictures too. Damnn.

019/365 (July 23rd, 2010)


Day 08 – 60 Day Challenge December 23, 2010

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A picture that makes you angry/sad

Only cartoons can truly make a broken heart crack more. But the message is true. And sometimes the truth can be something that enlightens you.


Day 06 – 60 Day Challenge December 22, 2010

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Favorite color(s)

I don’t have one favorite color, but I do like dusty colors, or very vibrant colors.