third eye


and birds will sing to calm us down March 27, 2011


she’s just waiting for spring February 22, 2011


You never meant it February 7, 2011

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How many hearts would be invaded for the wrong reasons, if each time you said “I love you”, you meant it?


we were never built to last January 31, 2011


Age January 27, 2011

There is a certain phase in the life of the aged when the warmth of the heart seems to increase in direct proportion with the years.
-John Phillips Marquand


I’m Reaching January 23, 2011

“You held up your hand, curled your fingers in, and said,

‘This is how big your heart is, as big as a fist.’

I held up my hand, closed it over yours, and said,

‘No. My heart will always be bigger than your fist.'”