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How To Deal With The Zodiac Change January 14, 2011

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Now that the world is officially having a collective identity crisis, here are a couple tips and suggestions for dealing with the recent sign change of the zodiac:

1. For most birthdays, your zodiac sign will be pushed back one sign. Read the cusp analysis of your new and old sign together. This will be a blend of both your new and old sign, in essence, and should facilitate a nice transition to the new sign. For example, if you used to be a Taurus and now are an Aries, read literature on the Aries/Taurus cusp.

2. Attempt to drop negative qualities related to your old sign and adopt good qualities related to your new sign. For example, if you used to be a Taurus, try not being so stubborn. Adopt qualities that are positive in Aries, such as being active.

3. Act as if up until now you have been your old sign, but 2011 is a transition year where you have matured and grown into your new sign. Don’t dismiss your old sign’s influence on your life and try and analyze why your new sign made you do the things you’ve done up until now.

4. Completely disregard it. Forget the change ever happened. Or pretend it’s a conspiracy made to scare the majority of stargazers everywhere.

5. If all else fails, screw it. Who cares? Why let a man-made system based on your birth date determine your personality? I’m sure most Geminis will delight in this option based on their affinity for science, knowledge, and rational thought. However, are they even considered Geminis anymore?