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am i the only one January 26, 2011

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When I feel, I feel ambiguously.

Sometimes I feel guilty for things I shouldn’t feel guilty for

But I don’t know if it’s actually anger.

I haven’t lived that long. 20 years. But I feel like everyday I feel nostalgic for infantile unaware, disinterested, oblivious bliss.

ne me quitte pas


I’m fine. Just having an allergic reaction to the universe. January 9, 2011

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I have so much to do and so much time to do it.

Why am I having issues.


Day 20 – 60 Day Challenge January 4, 2011

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A hobby of yours

One of my favorite “hobbies” could be analyzing things… people, music, situations, art.. I like to brood and dwell and completely analyze everything. Not really a hobby… more of a habit. Oh well.


Day 19 – 60 Day Challenge January 3, 2011

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A talent of yours

A talent of mine would have to be painting, drawing, sketching, doodling.. basically anything related to creating something aesthetically pleasing. Although aesthetics are purely subjective… so I might be a sucky artist to some people.


January 2, 2011

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Took such a long break from listening to Fiona Apple that now listening to her is such a clarifying, brilliant moment of the new year.

I don’t think I will ever get sick of this woman.


December 29, 2010

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I’ve done pretty good well for myself this semester. Not gonna lie.

So you can run and tell that, homeboy.


Outside December 28, 2010

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Feeling a little bit other-worldly lately.
Hope this feeling passes soon.


Day 11 – 60 Day Challenge December 26, 2010

Your idea of the perfect first date

My idea of the perfect first date entails a very classic, yet unexpected time. I do tend to prefer they guy taking the lead and planning it out, however I would like him to show some spontaneity and break away from the typical date routine of dinner and a movie. In fact, I never consider a movie even grounds for a date label. If you take me to the movies, we are not dating. We are friends. Sorry buddy. Unless we are already a couple.. then it is merely us spending time together.

Either way, who even goes to the movies anymore? But I digress… On my first date I would like flowers. My favorite are peonies, just because of their bright colors and ability to instantly cheer me up.

Then we could go to a dinner at a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant somewhere in the city. A place with a quaint atmosphere lit only by candlelight…maybe Louis Armstrong playing in the background. I remember once I went for a dinner with my ex at a place named Thai Boyd in the Village. Definitely go there if you are trying to woo someone. By the end of dinner I was mush.

After we could go somewhere exciting, like an NYC dive bar (where the dive bars are really just trendy dark places, however the atmosphere is infecting).

But this is just what I would do for a perfect date. I think that imagination and creativity are very important. I like casual atmospheres.. not casual as in McDonalds, but casual with a bit of class. I love NYC, perhaps because I have lived 20 minutes away from it my entire life. I love the hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere. I don’t know. I guess in the end really all that matters is some kind of effort being put in besides making a reservation.


Want December 24, 2010



aka my Christmas wish list:


Click HERE for more random stuff I don’t need but kinda want…


Day 09 – 60 Day Challenge

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A picture you took yourself

Took this photo over the summer when I still had my iphone. After I lost it, I lost a bunch of other pictures too. Damnn.

019/365 (July 23rd, 2010)