third eye


and birds will sing to calm us down March 27, 2011


she shoots colors all around just like a sunset March 13, 2011

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electrofied February 17, 2011

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“It’s hard not to cry when I think of Thompson Road in the passenger seat of that car you stole, and your hand rolled cigarettes with their ashes floating out the window. I was electrified, I was terrified, I was young, and that lonely highway didn’t mind. You were blue-eyed and lovedrunk. I was fascinated. I was wide-eyed and willing. I was whole and now I’m wilting; but I’m still fascinated. I’m still wide-eyed, I’m still reeling. I’m still pulling at what pleated pieces of you I’ve got left in the bottom of my pockets.”


eyes are blue and the heart is true February 15, 2011


i’ll be your mirror February 6, 2011


before you talk, read a book January 30, 2011


I’m Reaching January 23, 2011

“You held up your hand, curled your fingers in, and said,

‘This is how big your heart is, as big as a fist.’

I held up my hand, closed it over yours, and said,

‘No. My heart will always be bigger than your fist.'”


Monsieur Qui January 18, 2011

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January 16, 2011


Treble January 10, 2011