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The Sky Painter March 30, 2011

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“There’s someone who paints the sky, with their eyes, each day, every way. They’re alone now, today, every day, some ways. They had a wife/husband and friends/children but now they’re all gone (you lived too long, just one more song).

The red paint arrives in the morning or early evening (suppliers work strange hours).
They always have a surplus of blue, white and grey (massive store room).

So they sit, each day, and try to remember the colours that once made it move.”

(Via I Wrote This For You.)


before you talk, read a book January 30, 2011


I’m Reaching January 23, 2011

“You held up your hand, curled your fingers in, and said,

‘This is how big your heart is, as big as a fist.’

I held up my hand, closed it over yours, and said,

‘No. My heart will always be bigger than your fist.'”


January 21, 2011

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“You should eat to fill your stomach, not your soul. And drink to numb your thirst, not your pain.”


Unremembered January 18, 2011

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The biggest scars are unseen and unremembered,

always from a smile you forgot long ago.

We would never get anything done otherwise